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Lake Ontario
The predominant water resource in the Town is Lake Ontario. Other important water resources include Sandy Creek and Yanty Creek. A number of other minor creeks and streams of intermittent flow discharge into the lake. These include Cowsucker Creek, and Brush Creek which ultimately discharges at a point in the adjacent Town of Parma, east of Hamlin.

The sub drainage basin affecting the lake in the Hamlin area extends from the City of Rochester to the hamlet of Olcott Beach. The terrain of this basin area is generally gently rolling. The flat portion in the north part of the section lies in the Ontario Plain. To the south, a prominent east west ridge known as the Niagara Escarpment marks the boundary of this plain. Gradual stream gradients exist, except where the escarpment is crossed. In this region, the larger streams have their source south of the Niagara Escarpment and flow across the escarpment in a northeasterly direction to the lake.

Sandy Creek
Sandy Creek and East Cove, near their juncture with Lake Ontario, are important water bodies in the Town of Hamlin. The total shoreline of Sandy Creek within the LWRP area, including the normal curves and undulations, is approximately 99,600 feet. A major portion of the creek and surrounding banks is a federally protected wetland.

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