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Town of Hamlin Highway Department
91 Railroad Avenue
Hamlin, NY 14464

Monroe County Curbside Recycling

This service is only for those residents that have a commercial pick-up service
(i.e. Waste Management, Suburban, etc.)

All Clean Paper Materials

Newspapers & Inserts

Magazines & Catalogs

Cardboard & Clean Empty Pizza Boxes
flattened into pieces no larger than 2x4 feet

Paper Boxes

Junk Mail & Home Office Paper

Telephone Directories & All Books

To Prevent Identity Theft
 - Tear or shred your bills and financial statements before recycling.

Reduce Junk Mail by calling the toll free number:

Clean Containers
All containers must be emptied, rinsed and caps discarded. Labels are acceptable.

Aerosol Cans
No pesticides or paints!

Metal Cans
Lids are acceptable

Plastic Bottles & Jars

Glass Bottles & Jars
Clear, green and brown only

"Gable Top" Cartons & Drink Boxes
remove straw

How To Prepare Your Recyling Box
1. Place paper on the bottom - use a paper bag if desired.
2. Loosely place the containers listed above on top of paper.
3. Put the box on your curb before 6:30 AM on your regular collection day.
4. DO NOT put items in plastic grocery bags!

Monroe County Curbside Recycling Ad (PDF file for printing)

Questions? Call your waste hauler or 760-7600
Visit us at (Environmental Services) for further information on recycling.