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Cheryl J. Pacelli

Building Inspector 

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General Information: The following terms should be noted when applying for a building permit.

Alteration: as applied to a building or structure, a change or rearrangement in the structural parts or in the exit facilities, or an enlargement, whether by an extension on the side or by an increase in height, or the moving from one position to another.

Building: any structure having a roof supported by columns, piers, or walls and intended for shelter, housing or enclosure of persons, animals or chattels.

Structure: any structure built or erected, other than a building which rests upon or in the ground, or requires the support of the ground, or is attached to any building.

Building Permits: no building or structures shall be erected or added to or structurally altered until the Building Inspector has issued a permit. The building permit consists of two parts. One part is the orange card (8.5 x11) that should be displayed on the property during construction or installation placement. The second part consists of the relative data outlining the project, and is a source of reference kept on file at the Town Hall. After the building permit is issued, the periodic inspections include but are not limited to the following:

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