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Cheryl J. Pacelli

Building Inspector 

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The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) reminds residents that with warming temperatures and dry conditions, residential brush burning is prohibited March 16 through May 14 across New York State.

To all residents of the Town of Hamlin: 

Special accommodations can be made for certain inspections or appointments to meet your needs when arranged in advance. Depending on the scope of a permit request, some permits can be approved within 30 minutes. New house plans or permits within the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) may take a week or more. Proper planning and communication on the part of the building inspector and the applicant is critical to providing good service.

The job of Building Inspector is to primarily ensure that buildings and structures in Hamlin meet or exceed the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Codes. Furthermore, the inspector enforces the Town’s Zoning Codes (rules/regulations), and stays abreast of new laws and regulations through training to promote or enhance public safety.

The department has issued over 300 permits for 2020. Each permit requires one or more inspections; therefore, hundreds of hours are required outside the office in order to provide this additional follow-up service. If you are considering any type of building or construction and are unsure if a permit is required, we encourage you to call our office to verify. Failure to obtain necessary permits self-imposes a $125 fee/fine. It is the property owner’s responsibility to know the Town of Hamlin’s local zoning code and to be aware of the various permits required.

Link to permits and fees that have been adopted by the Town Board and General Information.

A permit is required for all roof related items, such as; tear off, re-roof ( no more than 2 layers allowed for a shingle roof), metal roof (can be installed over 2 (two) layers of shingles.

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