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Town of Hamlin Water Department

On August 1, 2006, the Town of Hamlin began a 40-year lease of its water districts to the Monroe County Water Authority. At that time, the Hamlin Water Department was disestablished and the Monroe County Water Authority became responsible for the supply of water to you, the collection of revenues from you and all actions involved with the operation, maintenance, and repair of the Districts’ waterlines, mains, valves, hydrants, etc. Based upon the Water Authority’s extensive experience and highly cooperative attitude, this arrangement has been a great success.

Any emergencies should be reported to the Monroe County Water Authority at 442-7200.

Questions on Billing or other Matters:
Questions regarding readings, rates, billing or other general water matters can be addressed to the Monroe County Water Authority at 442-7200.

Questions regarding the establishment of a new water district:
Call the Town Supervisor at 964-8981

Town of Hamlin
1658 Lake Road
Hamlin, NY 14464

"The Town of Hamlin is an equal opportunity provider and employer"
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