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Disclaimer: The Town of Hamlin is not set-up to answer questions posed in this Guestbook. The Guestbook is intended to be a place for guests to say hello. Entries that are not appropriate for the Guestbook will NOT be included.

Guestbook Entries:
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Some Recent Guestbook Entries

"I want to know what the community of Hamlin, NY desires from their home town. Whether it be opportunity, presrevation of its natural respourses, or cultural development, it's small town appeal to how improvement could change what we love about Hamlin, NY. What can we do as a community to offer support for eachother in a way that assures a strong future that meets the limitations or the succession of survival. Growing up in Hamilin, I have some vary fond memories and am feel intamately tied to the town and its community. I would like very much to encourage the town to build by its wants and needs in attempt to thrive happily in the future. I know what I would like to see the town accomplish, but what would you like to see and be part of in your future here in the town of Hamilin, NY?"
Kirk Frederick
Hamlin, NY

"My family and I lived out on Moscow Road next to the Scheplers, Rockows, and Mars families from 1954 to 1961. I have wonderful memories of beautiful summers, fragrant flowers, fresh fruit, riding my bike on the farm dirt roads, watching "Grandpa" Schepler at work every morning. Swimming at Sandy Beach and the Parade & Carnival were my favorite. My 3 sisters (Penny, Elaine, and Diane Rousos) and I went to Hamlin School and had Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Bailey, Miss Lee, and Mr. Panco --not sure of all those spellings. Bob Diltz drove the school bus and on the last days of school he stopped the bus somewhere in town so we could get an ice cream cone on the way home. My mom (Martha) was one of the Girl Scout troop leaders and 4-H club. Even though we left for Arizona (which seemed to me to be an ugly, dry wasteland) when I was only 8 years old, Hamlin and childhood memories of it will be with me forever. I did reestablish contact with my best friend from those days--Debbie Rath, who last I heard was living in Austin Texas. My sister Penny also reestablished contact with Peggy Rath and Judy Eskridge. All the Best to Hamlin! I'd enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers us.."
Linda Rousos
Chicago, IL

"I lived in Hamlin from 1983-1994 and attended Brockport area schools.  I recently went back to visit  what I still call, "the town I grew up in" and saw the house my parents built when I was just four years old.  I have fond memories of walks to the park, dances at the local VFW, and the carnival's every fall.  Hamlin will always be a part of my history.  I currently live in Raleigh, NC."
Loralyn DiMuro Eagles
Willow Springs, NC

"Been here while in school but left to go to the Army and then moved around and ended up in Texas. Now I am in Kuwait working to try to save lives putting Armor on the trucks that the soldiers are driving into Iraq."
Timothy (Taylor) Maloney
Copperas Cove, TX

"I am originally from Spencerport, NY and I am quite familiar with your wonderful town. You have such a great historian, and Mary E. Smith has always been helpful to me when I do genealogy. My ancestors were German immigrants who came to Hamlin in approximately 1860s. My Grandfather, Frank C. Bateman (Franz Christian Bethmann) when to school at the Lutheran Church and is pictured as a young boy in one of the church photos. Other ancestors lived in Brockport and Clarkson, and I am always happy to come back to obtain some of those great New York State apples."
Dana R. Spencer
Blacksburg, VA

"I would like to see some pictures. I used to live in Hamlin Center way back when - 1958 through 1960 - I was 8 then but I have fond memories of the place."
Donnie Maynard
Independence, KY

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